SE mk2

Le Phono SE offers a unique circuit based on rare carefully matched n.o.s. Toshiba 2SK170BL FET. 

With  74dB of gain, +/- 0.2 db of variation for RIAA curve; distorsion of less than 0.4% (10V output @ 1kHz), 74 dB  of balanced SN ratio and automatic adaptive input impedance loading it is the perfect companion for any MC cartridges with outputs from 0.1mV to 0.8mV. 

With only two transistors, one Vishay Nude Z-Foil resistor and two capacitors (Mundorf Silver Gold Oil) per signal path and no feedback (global or local), the new SE version now implements a low cut filter switch.

Le  Phono SE will lift your cartridges with cheerful energy to their full potential, landscaping a true soundstage with respect for tone and timbres.