Model A.3 & A.4

From the internal structure of the legendary Denon DL-103 cartridge we have developed our own evolutions named A .3 and A .4.

Both were born from our questioning of how to best adapt modern diamond tip profiles to a 1962 design. The A .3 and A .4  retain few parts from the original DL-103 but the original AlNiCo magnet still prevails in SCULPTURE A designs.

To achieve the best synergy a new dual structure body was developed, it allows damping and shielding of the generator from both internal and external stimulations. This new structure also helps achieve specific stylus tracking angles for each of the different diamond tip profiles we use.

We also modify the damper and internal settings to achieve a  medium compliance of 12 µm/mN, an optimum fit for most modern tonearms.

Boron cantilevers and modern diamond tips significantly lower the moving effective mass of SCULPTURE A cartridges and provide better tracking (>80 µm @315Hz lateral), improved tonal balance, better dynamic, transient response and soundstage.

The A .4 goes even further, using hand wound copper or silver coils for impedances over ten time lower than that of the original Denon DL-103.  It is the lowest impedance cross coil design with AlNiCo magnet available today and this just one of the reasons why it sounds so vivid and natural.